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The first page of this site with links to the pdf versions, the maps and the TEXT version of the file.

The first version of Iraq 61, a reproduction of IRAQ A GUIDEBOOK (1961), was hosted in the 'home page' section of TalkCity during the late 1990s. This web hosting company eventually stopped hosting. The numerous pictures on the site were in need of reducing in size and the site, being the first constructed by the editor, had a slightly over-complicated navigation sequence. The second version was compiled after the grossly immoral Blair-Bush military adventure. Unfortunately, the capabilities available to the site editor at that time did not allow for improving the graphics.

In this the third edition the second version of the site has been largely adhered to, but with changes designed to make for faster downloading times. The guide is now available in small portable document format (PDF) files for each chapter. As of 2019 it is intended to reduce the size of these in view of the available programs to do so.